see: * /usr/share/doc/amavis-postfix *

install amavis-postfix.

Configure sanner in /etc/amavisd.conf. For example, set $oav = "oav" to enable scannerdaemon support (scannerdaemon must already be running, or no checking will take place).

Restart amavis after changing configuration:

$ /etc/init.d/amavis-postfix restart

There is an open-source virus-scanner: scannerdaemon. This one needs Java 1.2. Put the virus list in subdirectory credo. Start the scanner daemon with java -jar ScannerDaemon.jar.

To test the scanner run:

$ telnet localhost 8127
SCAN /home/me/

It is highly recommended that you install the non-free archivers (lha, unarj, unrar, zoo), as otherwise virus compressed with these programs may get through.

Configuring postfix itself is very simple: * add to /etc/postfix/

     content_filter = vscan:
     soft_bounce = yes
     # For testing purposes it might make sense to use this
     vscan            unix  -  n  n  -  4  pipe flags=q user=amavis argv=/usr/sbin/amavis ${sender} ${recipient}
     localhost:10025  inet  n  -  n  -  -   smtpd -o content_filter=

Warning: On debian woody the user must be amavis and not vscan.