Distributed version control system


Ubuntu Linux

Install package bzr and bzr-tools


Use Fink to install bzr and paramiko package

Bazaar Usage

See mini-tutorial

$ bzr whoami
$ bzr init
$ bzr add [fileA fileB dirA dirB]
$ bzr status
$ bzr update
$ bzr diff
$ bzr commit

Using a centralized repository

Working with Bazaar

Managing config files with Bazaar

$ cd /etc
$ sudo bzr add
$ sudo bzr commit

See also: * *

Managing User files with Bazaar

Using a central repo for users files.

$ cd $HOME
$ bzr init
$ touch .bzrignore    # add ignore files
$ bzr add
$ bzr commit
$ bzr push sftp://bzr.server/var/lib/bzr-repos/Users/martha
$ bzr bind sftp://bzr.server/var/lib/bzr-repos/Users/martha

Connecting to svn repo


$ bzr co svn://svn.server/svn/repo/project
$ bzr commit