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before syncing for the first time you must init your palm with:

  coldsync -mI

see man-page coldsync.

password enryption with m505

here are some problems mentined:

usb with coldsync for m505

mailing list pilot-unix:

part of coldsnyc.rc running with usb on linux:

listen serial {
        device: "/dev/usb/ttyUSB1";

pda "My PalmPilot Pro" {
        snum: "";
        directory: "/tmp/palm";

conduit sync {
        path: [generic];
        type: */*;

more stuff

Without any .coldsyncrc, coldsync should be able to make a dialog and sync with the initialization feature (-mI) and the location of the device.

There are two alternatives to specify the location of the device:

using a .coldsyncrc file

       listen usb_m50x {
           device: /dev/ttyUSB1;
      coldsync -p /dev/usb/tts/1 -t usb_m50x -ms
    listen usb_m50x {
           device: /dev/ttyUSB1;

           pda {
           snum: "12345678901234567890";
           directory: "/home/alf/pilot/20010813/";
           username: "Alf Stockton";
           userid: 123456;
I have obviously altered the snum: and userid: in the above to
protect the innocent/ignorant........:-)

   Now what I would like to do is use something like
   `/home/alf/pilot/ date +%Y%m%d` to automatically created a
   directory based on todays date. I'll play and see what happens.