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install package cron and anacron.

cron is useful when your maschine is running 24/7. For your personal cron-jobs create a crontab-file:

$ touch ~/.crontab

System cronjobs are in /etc/cron.d.

and enable the cronjobs with:

$ crontab ~/.crontab

anacron runs daily/weekly/monthly. It is pre-configured for debain daily cron jobs. The configuration file for it is /etc/anacrontab. By default it executes the scripts in /etc/cron.daily etc.

Using anacron on MacOSX

install anacron with Fink. Notes about anacron:

This script allows you to decide whether you would like for anacron to
run at startup, then to periodically check for system tasks that need
to be run.  Alternatively you could run anacron by hand once a day
(by typing `anacron -s' ), though this sort of defeats the purpose of
installing a command scheduler in the first place...

If you wish to make changes to your anacron settings in the 
future, you can run this script again with the command:

Anacron is not currently set up to be run periodically by cron.
Would you like for anacron to be run automatically?
In most cases, you probably want to say yes to this option. [Y/n] 

Added anacron to task schedule, and will run at startup