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Add emdebian to your apt sources

Install DebianLinux package task-cross-arm.

See also OpieWiki#BuildingSetup

Hmm, some header files wore broken in the debian cross-arm package. So compilation failed.

Ok, so I choose the Sharp rpm packages available at:

I'm using alien to convert these packages to deb-files.

First I have to build qt and then opie. See * OpieCookBook * OpieWiki#BuildingQtForOpie

qt needs libjpeg, libpng and libz. I copied the libs from my zaurus to /opt/Embedix/tools/arm-linux/lib ( lib dir of my cross-compiler). I took the header files from my system and linked them to include files of qt, as mentined in OpieCookBook.

Compile opie. Go to top-level directory of opie, make menuconfig, choose arm-plattform.