Quick guide

CVSROOT variable: 

create sandbox in your home directory:

$ mkdir sandbox
$ cd sandbox

login to the repository:

$ cvs login

checkout module:

$ cvs co my_module

go into your module and change some files.

merge changes from repository into your sandbox:

$ cvs update

add new files:

cvs add new_file.txt

remove a file:

cvs remove not_used.txt

commit your changes to the repository:

cvs commit

get status of your sandbox:

cvs status

tag your module, that means freeze the current state of your module:

cvs tag rel-1-0-0

checkout a module with a given tag:

cvs co -r rel-1-0-0 my_module

export a module that means the module won't be under cvs control:

cvs export -r rel-1-0-0 my_module