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Kernel options for scsi-ide emulation: * Block Devices: SCSI emulation support * SCSI Support: SCSI Support, SCSI CD-ROM drivers, SCSI generic support

Activate SCSI emulation for cd-writer in /etc/lilo.conf:


hdd is the device name of your cd-writer.

Software: * cdrecord * mkisofs

Check available scsi devices:

cdrecord -scanbus

It shows the scsibus,target,lun for the devices.

Create an iso-image with mkisofs (Rock-Ridge extension):

mkisofs -R -o cdimage.raw /home/joerg/master/tree

Write image to cd:

 cdrecord -v speed`4 dev`0,0 cdimage.raw

The device name is devtarget,lun=. You can use the -dummy option to simulate the writing process.

To blank a cd before writing use the option -bank=fast.