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Can't say I'm even a mildly competent user of ArcGIS products, but hopefully the little I know about the topic will be of help to you.

For GeoDatabase -> PostGIS - OGR2OGR has worked well for me, its free, and also can deal with other formats as well.

We have some of the more commonly used cases we use documented on our site. We recently added a Personal Geodatabase example which is further to the end of the document

For editing data in ArcMap

ArcGIS 9.3 has built in support, but I think you may need to purchase the PostgreSQL SDE license to use it. Check out Bill Dollins - he has a number of articles on using both builtin support and using ZigGIS

Paolo Corti -

Dave Bowman for some more examples of using ArcGIS 9.3 with PostGIS -

If you are using ArcGIS 9.2 and below or you just need desktop editing support (and are using ArcGIS 9.3) and don't want to pay for an SDE license, check out ZigGIS plugin for ArcDesktop -

Hope that helps, Regina

From: [] On Behalf Of Juan Declet Sent: Thursday, July 24, 2008 4:59 PM To: Subject: [postgis-users] ESRI Geodatabases, relationship classes and PostGIS

Hi, all. I am evaluating PostGIS to determine if it can suit our needs.

What I currently have is a personal geodatabase (.MDB) file, created in ArcCatalog. This geodatabase has a number of relationship classes created in ArcCatalog that are used in ArcMap to facilitate editing and addition of new features.

What I am looking for is a spatial data server where I can publish this geodatabase and make it available for ArcMap users to connect to this data source and edit the dataset. In other words, I need an Open Source equivalent to ArcGIS Server or Arc Spatial Data Server (ArcSDE).

The questions are:

  1. Will PostGIS recognize relationship classes created in ArcCatalog, being that these are not exactly like those created in Access or in an Access-like environment (i.e., relationship classes don't show up in the Relationships window in MS Access)?

  2. Can a client such as ArcMap connect to a PostGIS data source?

I appreciate the input of seasoned PostGIS users in this matter.


Juan Declet

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