Some Notes


$ trac-admin /var/lib/trac/MyProject initenv
$ tracd --port 8000 -e /var/lib/trac

If you use a single svn repository for multiple projects you can use the scope to set the svn path.

repository_type = svn
repository_dir = /var/lib/svn/singlerepos/MyProject

Start service at boot time

Add the following script to /etc/rc.local:

/usr/bin/tracd --port 8000 -e /var/lib/trac

Using Trac for Multiple Projects

Bug with clearsilver on ubuntu amd64

Trac throws an error message on amd64, telling you that clearsilver is not installed when you go to your project.


Workaround: load

Configure Authentification

LDAP support

There is a ldap plugin for trac: *

Blog Plugin

Markdown Plugin