Install vmware beta

sudo apt-get install build-essential linux-headers-`uname -r` xinetd gcc-4.1 g++-4.1
sudo apt-get install ia32-libs libc6-i386
tar xvzf VMware-server-e.x.p-23869.tar.gz
cd vmware-server-distrib 
sudo ./
The installation of VMware Server e.x.p build-63231 for Linux completed 
successfully. You can decide to remove this software from your system at any 
time by invoking the following command: "/usr/bin/".

Before running VMware Server for the first time, you need to configure it by 
invoking the following command: "/usr/bin/". Do you want this 
program to invoke the command for you now? [yes] 

Your host has IPv6 networking enabled. VMware Server Web Access may not 
function correctly in this environment. We recommend that you disable IPv6 if 
you experience problems with VMware Server. Please consult your distribution's 
documentation for details on how to disable IPv6.

For example, on Red Hat hosts, the procedure to disable IPv6 is as follows:
(1) Edit /etc/sysconfig/network and set NETWORKING_IPV6=no.
(2) Issue the following command as root: 'chkconfig ip6tables off'.
(3) Reboot the host machine.

Making sure services for VMware Server are stopped.

To disable IPv6 on UbuntuLinux see: *

Starting vmware console

In vmware 2.0 beta you have a web-interface on https://localhost:8333. You must first login as root.

To set a Password for root type:

sudo passwd root

Malformed URL error with web console

I got an malformed url error when logging in to console. See: *

Firefox plugin for console


cannot view virtual machine console: * *